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Today was my first day in work. I've been working in the printing house where e. g. I fold boxes. Try to fold almost 1000 lids for boxes in two hours -.-' I don't feel my finger tips. Also my back hurts. I need massage (Mum, are you free?) and stretching. Maybe I spend hour on it like on karate's trainings. I always felt better after those trainings :)
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Today in my city was big campaign for terminally ill kid Filip. In the beginning he had help from USA, but then American refused to be a donor. Filip like many other people need marrow, so I registered as a donor. They took my blood and in three months they will send to me a membership card. As usually doctor had problem with my veins - he needed to took blood from my left hand. I've got small bruise, but it doesn't hurt like after I was in centre of blood donation - because of allergy I can't be a blood donor :(

I feel good, you know? Awareness that maybe in future I'll save someone's life is nice.


May. 28th, 2011 10:31 pm
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I'm closer to my goal ^.^ Yesterday on PS I run almost 1200m (~ 0,75 mile). I bet in August I will run this stupid 4km (~ 2,49 mile) with my classmate :) He still can't believe I will do this. I think he does it on purpose.
Also today I was on little trip with people from different schools in my city and I walked 8 km (~ 4,97 mile). I'm a bit tired, but very happy xD

If anyone want to have account on Dreamwidth I've got code and I can give you them.

@ Natasja - thank you for your e-mail, darling ;* I watched 4th part of "Pirates of the Caribbean" yesterday and first time I was little disappointed :( I was hoping for something better.

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Today I run with my friends some 4 km to lake and a little more to home - I was coming back alone and I turned in bad path :/ Okay, I didn't run all the time, but I'm pretty sure I run 3 km in total. For first time it isn't bad result. I'm very tired, but I don't feel sick. I took hot shower and stretched. Tomorrow morning wouldn't be so painful. I hope so -.-'
I make small decision: in September I'd be able to run to this lake without any break. In that case I must start run, but I like running and hate lose challenges, so in Saturday I'll go run in park - I live next to it. And from now in every Saturday I'll be run. At first half an hour, after 4-5 weeks hour and then in July more than hour - maybe hour and half?
So wish me luck xD


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