Jun. 18th, 2011 07:00 pm
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I won't go to Berlin. J.'s parents said "No". Damn it. At first they agreed and now what?! Apparently they noticed that if J. went to Berlin, nobody would do them dinner or tidy in home. I've got housework too, but J. have home on her head. She makes them dinner and tidies every day. I feel stupid when sometimes I go to her after school and we can't talk, because her father wants to eat meal. He can't cook it? Obviously not.

If her parents said they didn't have money, I would understand it. But they didn't say any good argument just only "No". And you know what is the most un-fair? Her brother, the laziest person in the world who can't even put his clothes to his wardrobe (guess who do it) and almost in every WEEK his form-master wants to see his mother or father, because he is more than rude in school, told their parents that his classmate would go alone for a trip to mountains and asked if he could go with him. And what their parents did? Almost immediately they paid 700 zł (1 euro = 3,98 zł; 1 dollar = 2,78 zł) for this trip - my and J.'s tickets cost 55 zł. In both way. J.'s cousin told us we wouldn't pay for food and we'd take money only for souvenirs.

I want to cry. And kick something.

Happier information: I've finally written fic for Kink Meme - Sephiroth/Genesis/Cloud. First part is better, because I wrote in after midnight when I was in better mood than now. Through I still enjoy reading second part ;)
I should apologize to my beta; despite my check I feel in this fic are many mistakes.
Also it's my first shameless PWP; usually I can't write sex scene without plot, but this time I wrote 1621 words - sex scene: 869 words (the last two numbers gave me some ideas ;) ).

Zack: *hugs Nami*
Sephiroth: *looking at Masamune* I could speak with them if you want.
Me: *gulps* No, you don't have to.
Cloud: I am only person who want to know what she wrote?
Genesis: *smiles* I know what she wrote... And I think we should try this position...
Cloud: What? No! *start runs*
Me: *takes popcorns from Zack and watches Sephiroth and Genesis dragging Cloud to bedroom* Thanks Puppy. We will record it for Angeal?
Zack: *grins* Sure we do.

(Sorry for any mistakes. I'd fix it later if found any)


Jun. 7th, 2011 10:13 pm
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I'm going to Berlin on 22 June! For all week xD I'm so happy about it!
My friend's cousin - M. - invited her to Germany and said that if she wanted to, she would arrive with me. I met M. in November at J. birthday: we talked a lot and it was seemed that she liked me :) My German is poor, but with ein (der?) polnisch-deut-sches Gesprächsbuch in hand (Polish-German phrasebook) everything will be all right. I hope so -.-'
M. is hairdresser and J. plans talk wit her about dyeing. I think that when M. see my hair, she will want to fix them. My hair are brown. In three different shades -.-' I miss my dark blond. Changing their color I wasn't thinking.

While ago I check how many cost paid account on lj. Well, I really need job for holidays - I'd want to buy account for all year. I was thinking about buy account on DW, but lj is still more popular and I've got more friends and communities there.
Fortunately I get offer from the Printing-House, where I was on professional training in March. Boss said that I and J. could go there in July, because in that month many employees has vacations and she need hands to work. I'll go to her on 4 July and we'll see.
If she said "No", I'd go to office for teenagers (I don't know how name it properly -.-' ) and check if they'd have something for me. Anything for me.

Writing SZC for Kink Meme is horrible. I see everything in my head, but I can't write it. It's annoying. Maybe after Friday and Physics I'll be able to write something. I'm a little afraid, because on Thursday I'll go write a test from Physics - if I get 4 or 5, I'd get 4 on my school report! Also Friday is last day when teachers can give marks. So yes, I'm nervous and maybe that's why I can't write this fic. Any of my fics in fact; I've got on disk two AC, two ASC, AGSZC, SZ and I can't finish it! *burst into tears*


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