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I need to read more fanfictions before I go sleep. Seriously. Few weeks ago I had nice/bad dream about my favorite guys from Final Fantasy VII; I can't believe I didn't mention about it... Someone interested in reading about it?

Why does my brain hate me? )

Everything at my uni goes well. I have only 4 exams left before I'll be free :3 The hardest was Statistics exam and I was really worried about that one. Thankfully, I got the highest mark from both theoretical and practical part. It's not like I'm not used to teachers who praise me (I sounded very modestly, right? Sorry -.-'), but I thought my cheeks would start to burn when my professor complimented me in front of people from third year - I'm the only person on my year with two '5' from Statistics.

To relax I've started to watch/read "Bleach" again. Call me a bad fan, but I really didn't want to touch manga any more when everything looked like Kubo (mangaka) killed one of my favorite characters - Byakuya.
Few years ago I thought the only yaoi pairing in Bleach was Byakuya/Renji and maybe Ukitake/Shunsui. Now? Well, I mostly read everything on and other platforms with many different pairings; most of them include Ichigo, the main character. When I started watching "Bleach" he was just a kid so I didn't pair him with anyone (only a little with Grimmjow - the Arrancar who puts "sex" in Sexta Espada; it's his title - but he was older, okay?). But now, after the kid grew up... Yeah, I have few favorite ships with him.
If anyone is interesting in seeing my newest ships from "Bleach":

Ready for hotness? )

Do you know I just love guys with long hair? Now you know. Please, excuse me the lack of lj-cut, but this character is too sexy and has great hair good (and has such a sweet personality! When he doesn't go into "deadly dangerous mode" - then he is even hotter *.*) to hide him under that thing ^^

Just look at this cute chibi :3

It's hard to find a photo where his hair is seen... One of my favorite episodes is 277. There are a lot scenes with him <3
Don't look at me like that, Sephiroth, you know you own my heart. It's just... This hair. I want to brush it @.@

At the end few reasons why I love fanservice's scenes from episodes 308 and 309:

One word: chain. And hair. But those are two words. )

And if someone would like to make me a present for my birthday (31 January just like Byakuya xD) then here: I read a wonderful moment between Hichigo and Byakuya. It's sad and heartbreaking. Can I ask for a picture?
........ Or I just save money for commission/learn how to draw.
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Seriously, why? I wanted to write, but despite the fact I slept almost two hours during the day I'm tired and I can only think about my bed *sighs* Cloud is looking at me with anger - he really wants me to finish that Cloudcest fic :/ I should finally do this or I can wake up without hair #.#

Only one more week at the summer job and I'll be free, hooray! I have in my plans: sleeping, eating, writing and playing Crisis Core - guess who won the auction with PSP+CrisisCore+2GB memory card? I practically bought all those things for free :3 Also, I ordered a t-shirt from here: I thought it was cheep and then I changed USD to PLN ;u; However after all those Saturdays, when I was working, I think I deserved few nice things, don't you think? ;)

Oh, and I'm a new student of the University in W. :) Yay! for me.

Old fics

Jun. 22nd, 2012 10:32 pm
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I re-read some of my old fics - my last Itachi/Naruto fic ("Za maskami" - "Behind the masks" 6/10 chapters, ~50 000 words) patiently waits on my hard disc to finish it - and I realized how much I missed Naruto's fandom. I haven't written anything from N. fandom for few years and reading my little (IxN fic) baby again... New resolution for July: finish the next chapter of that fic :) And maybe I'll start translating it into English?...

No, first I'll finish my Angeal/Cloud fics >.< Yup, I can do it.

More important news: I have a job for July! Like in previous year I'm going to work in the printing house :)


May. 5th, 2012 07:18 pm
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Beautiful May. As usually in May the weather in Poland is beautiful, but some people can't appreciate it properly. Who? High school graduates. In this year I'm one of them :)

On Friday I had a Polish exam. I did few mistakes, but they aren't very bad. I wrote my paper well even if I almost completely forgot who was Joanna from “Homeless People” (S. Żeromski). I was a bit scared after it because I wrote that "Homeless..." is a book from (the?) positivism (my excuse: Jaonna was behaving like people were in positivism) and I was thinking they wouldn't check my paper and I'd fail... It turned out that this isn't big mistake, examiners are people too and they know we were stressed. I was. 40 minutes before the end of that exam I was so nervous I stopped writing because I didn't know what I was doing...
BTW they wouldn't check my paper, if I started writing my own versions of books I was using in my paper. Like I said before: student can be stressed and make small mistakes ;)

My next exam is on Tuesday - math. Next is English (Thursday; two exams in fact: basic English exam at 9am, advanced English exam at 2pm), Civics (Friday), English oral exam (Saturday) and Polish oral exam (next Tuesday).

I admit I'm not scared anymore. I was really nervous before that Polish exam, but now... Now the world is beautiful, full of rainbows and love ;)

Things I have to do after my finals:
- find a job for summer,
- finish that stupid Cloudcest fic >.< (don't ask; I shouldn't talk with people after midnight),
- finish the sequel to "Perfection",
- finish the first chapter of Angeal!centric fic,
- study for Informatics exam (June).

As you see I'm still alive :) Now I'm going back to Math's textbook; square function and trigonometry are waiting for me! ;D
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Just a quick update to show that I'm alive :)

The newest happy information?

I've almost finished writing a speech for my Polish final exam :) Tomorrow I'm going to write the last corrections and I refuse to worry about this speech to the April ;D

What else, what else...

Troubles with J. )

I started watching "The Vampires Diaries". Books are awful, but show isn't so bad. Alaric isn't so bad <3

My OTP from this show? Alaric/Damon (yeah, slash couple, what else?)

One of my favourite picture with comments: Here

More from TVD )

It doesn't mean I don't like FFVII anymore. Please, FFVII will be my one true love always and forever (come back to me, my inspiration! I want to finish my fics!).

I have all 5 volumes of Viewfinder. They look beautiful <3

And my new book:

It's awesome. I can't wait to finish reading it. Now, when my speech it's almost done I have a time to sit and read <3 After I finish it I'll write my opinion about it. Maybe you will like it too? ;)


Dec. 16th, 2011 07:56 pm
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End of friendship? )

And something I've listened to for almost week:

Noct is amazing <3
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Two weeks ago I was writing tentative high school finishing exams ("matura") and today I've received my results :) If someone is interested:

Results )

I sent to [ profile] xiaa my fic for [ profile] proj_ff7xmas so I can focus on recording "Decorum" and writing a fanfiction for Bleach contest on dA: Grimmjow/Ichigo, prompt: Christmas. It will be fun xD

I don't know when - because I can hardly find time to sleep and eat properly - but I finally caught up with anime&manga "Fullmetal Alchemist". I love this series, truly love <3 And Roy/Ed (but not shota, thank you very much) <3 Maes/Ed (just don't ask why) and Havoc/Ed are great too <3

And pics:

Smoking is bad )

... And it's me -.-' )

Test xD )

Okay, so now I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight everyone!
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but this video made me laugh. Did Cloud make a joke?! oO


Oct. 16th, 2011 08:45 pm
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Look what I found :) This little piece of art can't get out of my head and I need to watch it again and again ;)

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Seriously, if I didn't know better, I'd think that in previous years in high school I wasn't doing anything. This weekday was crazy and I'm happy that finally is Friday. On Monday test from English, on Tuesday&Wednesday presentations; for Polish on Thursday I had read a long, boring book (although we didn't start talking about it) and today should be another test from English, but a professor forgot about it - and who am I to remind her about a lovely, little test?
Also today I did some research for my presentation for my final exam from Polish; exam has always two parts: writing part and presentation. My subject for presentation is "Differences between science-fiction and fantasy". Easy and nice. I found a pretty good elaboration about fantasy written by one of my favourite author - Stanisław Sapkowski. Now I have to find something as good as that elaboration about science-fiction, read three books (Have you read "Solaris" by Lem? I borrowed it today and its more than interesting) and I can start making my presentation :) I can't borrow that book from school library, but librarian proposed me to take it for some free weekend.

When I came back home I managed only to do myself something to eat when my brother called me to front door. Who was waiting for me? The courier with a third volume of Viewfinder! I thought I'd start dancing xD And then my mother said that is the second package for me today and the first one she left on the table in my room (It wasn't in my room, but in her; probably mum wanted to put it in my room, but knowing life, she was distracted by something and left it in her room ;) ). What was in the first package? The fourth volume of Viewfinder! xD I'm so happy right now!

I did something more that study in this weekday like making a mp3 version of "Irreversible" by Amarissia. I've been working on it since last week. She checked first part and said that everything is okay, so if the Author is pleased I'm pleased too :)

And in the back of my notebook from programming in Java in some strange way appeared first paragraphs of my story with Angeal, which I promised for [profile] lenine2.

I have to go make a supper and then I'm going to watch "Transformers 2" with my family :)


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