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My lovely friends from the fandom I need your help.

Once upon a time I found a websites with FFVII's fics. I think its color was gray (I know, it's really helpful) and there was a fic where Cloud and Sephiroth got swapped and they were looking for a cure. Does anyone know this website?


I found it :)
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Just a quick update to show that I'm alive :)

The newest happy information?

I've almost finished writing a speech for my Polish final exam :) Tomorrow I'm going to write the last corrections and I refuse to worry about this speech to the April ;D

What else, what else...

Troubles with J. )

I started watching "The Vampires Diaries". Books are awful, but show isn't so bad. Alaric isn't so bad <3

My OTP from this show? Alaric/Damon (yeah, slash couple, what else?)

One of my favourite picture with comments: Here

More from TVD )

It doesn't mean I don't like FFVII anymore. Please, FFVII will be my one true love always and forever (come back to me, my inspiration! I want to finish my fics!).

I have all 5 volumes of Viewfinder. They look beautiful <3

And my new book:

It's awesome. I can't wait to finish reading it. Now, when my speech it's almost done I have a time to sit and read <3 After I finish it I'll write my opinion about it. Maybe you will like it too? ;)


Jul. 6th, 2011 08:26 pm
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I was staring at Open Office's file. It was staring at me. After a hour is 1:0 for file.
Uh, I don't know what to write. I want to, but I can't. Where are you, my inspiration? I know, I know, there are holidays now, but come back to me. Please?

*after five minutes*

Inspiration didn't come. Time for Plan B ;)
I want to ask you about writing me random words ('tree', 'sunset', 'tears') and I try to... no, I'll write stories with them.
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Like in title. Seriously. One of my teacher is - which word I can use? - odd. Really. Now I've got four lessons with him and I'm going to die. Almost all term we do nothing(!) and now he remind himself about us. Just great. Don't get me wrong: I like study. But he can't teach us. In September and October lessons were OK, however next months... I've been carrying my laptop to school, because I've got nothing to do. He teaches electromechanical class and he is good at it. But he doesn't really know what to do with us, informatics. Subjects about CPU etc. are good, but I learned all of it on systems in II class. While ago I found him information about Apple. WTF?! I know Apple, we've got Apple's computers in one of class, but I don't think it's so super-and-fantastic as he told us. I want MAC, because it's good for graphic, but I haven't got 5.000 zł (1 euro - 3,9 zł) for something what is worse than my laptop. Apple's laptops are good, but too expensive for me - if I wanted to buy one that had all what I needed, of course. If I wanted to buy just for show, I could do it.
Yes, he pissed me off.

Now he's gone somewhere and we have free time. I finished doing what he told me ("Laptop's faults and advantage"). I think I'll finish sequel to "Games" or "Reward" for Kink Meme or "Share" (Sephiroth/Zack).
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Tekst mało świąteczny, ale mimo wszystko publikuję go dzisiaj. Wesołych Świąt :)

Tytuł oryginału: "Pipe Dreams"
Autor: Lux
Beta: Aribeth :*
Link do oryginału:
Zgoda: Brak odzewu :/
Paring: HP/SB, HP/RL, HP/SS
Raiting: NC-17
Streszczenie: Trzynastoletni Harry i jego fantazje.
Wyzwanie: Krótka historia, etyka mało ważna, napisana z Harry'm nie starszym niż 14 lat. Bez eliksiru wielosokowego i gierek. Kropka. (z HPchan yahoo!group)
Ostrzeżenia: under-age, zniewolenie, PWP
Opinie: Zawsze mile widziane.
Notka od autora: ... Nie mam nic do powiedzenia.
Notka od tłumaczki: Bardzo mnie zjedziecie za under-age? Jak to ładnie ujęła moja beta, tekst nie jest zbytnio w moim stylu, nie jest poważny, cytuję: "takie porno xD " - nie mam pojęcia, co mnie napadło, by go przetłumaczyć. Nie dla ludzi o słabych nerwach i... naprawdę nie wiem, co mnie napadło oO

Mrzonki )
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Yesterday, I finished translating the fourth pages from the first chapter of my ff "The Masks". I prefer to translate into Polish, not English. It is much easier, really.

Has anyone seen "Queer as folk"? I saw - for this time - only ten episodes from first season and...

I enjoy it :) I like Justin. "Sunshine" sounds nice ;)

What else... I had a good marks from Operating Systems. I forgot about this test, but I passed it. It was about Windows Register - very easy :) Today I was bored at school. My class went to the Theater (about this I forgot too :( ) and I haven't lessons.

Ups, I must go. In a few minutes will be bell for recess, and then I going to go to circle astronomical - 2 hours. Tomorrow - pool. 2 hours too :)

Bye :*


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