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Hello ^^

I've just come back from cinema with big smile, very satisfied. I watched with my friend "Limitless". If you didn't saw it then read it: a guy receives from brother's his first wife a drug, which will help him use all his mind's power. Eddie in 10 days earns 2.000.000 dollars, learns Italian in two days... But for everything you need to pay, right? Everywhere are bad people who want to hurt you, right? Right. And here start action.
Movie is great. End left me with my mouth open. Through I thought about similar solution, however I hadn't thought about what I saw and heard. If you don't know what to do with your free time - watch this.

Recently I've watched two other movies: fourth part Jack Sparrow's adventures and "Illusionist" from 2006.

What can I say about this two? "Illusionist" is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I was watching it with interest and I love end. In this case, however, end was shock for me. Beautiful movie with great dialogues, plot and characters. What else I would want to? "Illusionist" is on my list Movie Which I Need To See One More Time.

"Pirates of Caribbean 4: the Fountain of Youth". Well, I love first part. It's one of this movies I can watch daily. But FoY... I was having fun, but few times I was bored and wondering when would be end oO I don't remember any epic dialogue, only flashes of some scenes. I didn't like sexual references. It's movie for kids too! And I truly missed magical atmosphere from previous parts.
Despite my objections FoY is nice movie, but I can't promise I'll watch this second time. Maybe if Sephiroth appeared in my room and invite me to cinema. Then I couldn't say no ;)


May. 28th, 2011 10:31 pm
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I'm closer to my goal ^.^ Yesterday on PS I run almost 1200m (~ 0,75 mile). I bet in August I will run this stupid 4km (~ 2,49 mile) with my classmate :) He still can't believe I will do this. I think he does it on purpose.
Also today I was on little trip with people from different schools in my city and I walked 8 km (~ 4,97 mile). I'm a bit tired, but very happy xD

If anyone want to have account on Dreamwidth I've got code and I can give you them.

@ Natasja - thank you for your e-mail, darling ;* I watched 4th part of "Pirates of the Caribbean" yesterday and first time I was little disappointed :( I was hoping for something better.

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