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In the peaceful joys of Christmas, in the stars that shine above,
In the wonder of the season, in the gift of God's great love...
May you find hope and promise that will fill this Christmas season with very special happiness for you!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow, another year here with you. guys. Thank you for being here and talking with me. It's a pleasure to know you all.

I hope you will have wonderful Christmas :)

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I don't even want to check when I posted my last post. Nope. And I'm not writing this one right now to have an excuse and not study for the exam at 6.12. Not at all.

Last few weeks were nice, I can't complain. I passed every exam (one of them with max amount of points), got a scholarship and made new friends. Unfortunately, in November I didn't have much time to write (I miss it!), but after 6.12 I'm going to finish at least two longer fics - it's a shame that I haven't posted anything longer than 2k for some time.

I slept almost through whole day yesterday, but I feel better now than I felt in last few days - I needed that sleep even if I had some weird dreams.

Who started buying gifts for Christmas? Me :) I have one for my mun and I'm going to go shopping on Monday to look for something for my siblings and cousins. I don't know what to buy them :/

What else, what else... Right. Thanks to Amarissia I know now about nice series on youtube - Takumi-kun series - and it's really hard to study and not watch those movies *sighs*

In this year, like in previous one, I'll write a story for FFVII Anthology. If you are interested go here: click.
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I admit I wasn't very nice in this year but better than in previous! I bet you noticed this so I can ask about few things, right? It's would be great to find PS3 under my Christmas tree along with PSP and Crisis Core. But if you can't do this then I only ask you about * buying me a paid account on lj so I could upload more icons* making tomorrow's day wonderful. I wish I could spend it in loving atmosphere with all people I love and care about. Unfortunately many of my friends, who I have pleasure to met, live in different countries so please, Santa, create in their home great atmosphere too and give them many presents with a note that they're from me *you can send me the bill later*.



In short words:

I wish you all: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, many presents, wonderful time with your family, many new porn... I mean stories with interesting plot with SOLDIERs, Turks&characters from your favourite fandoms!

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The magic of Christmas
never ends and its greatest
of gifts are family and friends...

Best Whishes for a very Merry
Christmas and a happy
New Year!


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