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Just a quick update to show that I'm alive :)

The newest happy information?

I've almost finished writing a speech for my Polish final exam :) Tomorrow I'm going to write the last corrections and I refuse to worry about this speech to the April ;D

What else, what else...

Troubles with J. )

I started watching "The Vampires Diaries". Books are awful, but show isn't so bad. Alaric isn't so bad <3

My OTP from this show? Alaric/Damon (yeah, slash couple, what else?)

One of my favourite picture with comments: Here

More from TVD )

It doesn't mean I don't like FFVII anymore. Please, FFVII will be my one true love always and forever (come back to me, my inspiration! I want to finish my fics!).

I have all 5 volumes of Viewfinder. They look beautiful <3

And my new book:

It's awesome. I can't wait to finish reading it. Now, when my speech it's almost done I have a time to sit and read <3 After I finish it I'll write my opinion about it. Maybe you will like it too? ;)
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Mister "Sailor Steven" is an American author of historical novels. I read his "Arms of Nemesis", "A Murder On The Appian Way", "The Judgment Of Caesar" and "Roman Blood". Now I'm looking for the rest of his books.

He writes about ancient Rome and the detective, which created- Gordianus. In all books are slash plot. Most slash is in the "Arms of Nemesis". Beautiful *.*

If you love the Antiquity, heartily recommend it :)


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