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Today, I had Sociology exam and it's now official: I'm free! For little more than two weeks! Hooray! xD

We - me and few of my friends - went to eat pizza after the exam. It was nice; we talked and joked a lot. Around 8pm we left the restaurant and it took us three hours to come back to the dormitory ^^ Boys started snowball fights and soon we all were wet xD D. and M. almost managed to throw me into the snow, but I didn't let them knock me down. Well, D. managed to knock down M. and then sat on him. It was priceless :3 Then we went to the shop; I wanted to buy few things and we ended buying beers which we drank shortly after we had left the shop. I do not think that drinking those beers was a good idea - even if we were hidden by buildings and there wasn't anyone. After that we waited for a bus for one of the boys - 'young men' would be better term, but they are still so very... boy-ish ^^ - and then finally went back to the dormitory.

It was a long, slow trip, but I was having a lot of fun. In those fours hours I laughed more than in few last weeks - despite the fact my hair was wet and I was being threated with "showering": knocking down onto the snow or having my cheeks "showered" with snow (what D. and M. did).

In the morning I bought Three Days Grace's album "One-X". I can't stop listening to it. You know how hard it was to not hum any song during the exam? ;) Anyway: every one song from this album is like a mini Grimmjow/Ichigo hymn. Beautiful *.*
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I need to read more fanfictions before I go sleep. Seriously. Few weeks ago I had nice/bad dream about my favorite guys from Final Fantasy VII; I can't believe I didn't mention about it... Someone interested in reading about it?

Why does my brain hate me? )

Everything at my uni goes well. I have only 4 exams left before I'll be free :3 The hardest was Statistics exam and I was really worried about that one. Thankfully, I got the highest mark from both theoretical and practical part. It's not like I'm not used to teachers who praise me (I sounded very modestly, right? Sorry -.-'), but I thought my cheeks would start to burn when my professor complimented me in front of people from third year - I'm the only person on my year with two '5' from Statistics.

To relax I've started to watch/read "Bleach" again. Call me a bad fan, but I really didn't want to touch manga any more when everything looked like Kubo (mangaka) killed one of my favorite characters - Byakuya.
Few years ago I thought the only yaoi pairing in Bleach was Byakuya/Renji and maybe Ukitake/Shunsui. Now? Well, I mostly read everything on and other platforms with many different pairings; most of them include Ichigo, the main character. When I started watching "Bleach" he was just a kid so I didn't pair him with anyone (only a little with Grimmjow - the Arrancar who puts "sex" in Sexta Espada; it's his title - but he was older, okay?). But now, after the kid grew up... Yeah, I have few favorite ships with him.
If anyone is interesting in seeing my newest ships from "Bleach":

Ready for hotness? )

Do you know I just love guys with long hair? Now you know. Please, excuse me the lack of lj-cut, but this character is too sexy and has great hair good (and has such a sweet personality! When he doesn't go into "deadly dangerous mode" - then he is even hotter *.*) to hide him under that thing ^^

Just look at this cute chibi :3

It's hard to find a photo where his hair is seen... One of my favorite episodes is 277. There are a lot scenes with him <3
Don't look at me like that, Sephiroth, you know you own my heart. It's just... This hair. I want to brush it @.@

At the end few reasons why I love fanservice's scenes from episodes 308 and 309:

One word: chain. And hair. But those are two words. )

And if someone would like to make me a present for my birthday (31 January just like Byakuya xD) then here: I read a wonderful moment between Hichigo and Byakuya. It's sad and heartbreaking. Can I ask for a picture?
........ Or I just save money for commission/learn how to draw.
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Two weeks ago I was writing tentative high school finishing exams ("matura") and today I've received my results :) If someone is interested:

Results )

I sent to [ profile] xiaa my fic for [ profile] proj_ff7xmas so I can focus on recording "Decorum" and writing a fanfiction for Bleach contest on dA: Grimmjow/Ichigo, prompt: Christmas. It will be fun xD

I don't know when - because I can hardly find time to sleep and eat properly - but I finally caught up with anime&manga "Fullmetal Alchemist". I love this series, truly love <3 And Roy/Ed (but not shota, thank you very much) <3 Maes/Ed (just don't ask why) and Havoc/Ed are great too <3

And pics:

Smoking is bad )

... And it's me -.-' )

Test xD )

Okay, so now I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight everyone!


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