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I need to read more fanfictions before I go sleep. Seriously. Few weeks ago I had nice/bad dream about my favorite guys from Final Fantasy VII; I can't believe I didn't mention about it... Someone interested in reading about it?

Why does my brain hate me? )

Everything at my uni goes well. I have only 4 exams left before I'll be free :3 The hardest was Statistics exam and I was really worried about that one. Thankfully, I got the highest mark from both theoretical and practical part. It's not like I'm not used to teachers who praise me (I sounded very modestly, right? Sorry -.-'), but I thought my cheeks would start to burn when my professor complimented me in front of people from third year - I'm the only person on my year with two '5' from Statistics.

To relax I've started to watch/read "Bleach" again. Call me a bad fan, but I really didn't want to touch manga any more when everything looked like Kubo (mangaka) killed one of my favorite characters - Byakuya.
Few years ago I thought the only yaoi pairing in Bleach was Byakuya/Renji and maybe Ukitake/Shunsui. Now? Well, I mostly read everything on and other platforms with many different pairings; most of them include Ichigo, the main character. When I started watching "Bleach" he was just a kid so I didn't pair him with anyone (only a little with Grimmjow - the Arrancar who puts "sex" in Sexta Espada; it's his title - but he was older, okay?). But now, after the kid grew up... Yeah, I have few favorite ships with him.
If anyone is interesting in seeing my newest ships from "Bleach":

Ready for hotness? )

Do you know I just love guys with long hair? Now you know. Please, excuse me the lack of lj-cut, but this character is too sexy and has great hair good (and has such a sweet personality! When he doesn't go into "deadly dangerous mode" - then he is even hotter *.*) to hide him under that thing ^^

Just look at this cute chibi :3

It's hard to find a photo where his hair is seen... One of my favorite episodes is 277. There are a lot scenes with him <3
Don't look at me like that, Sephiroth, you know you own my heart. It's just... This hair. I want to brush it @.@

At the end few reasons why I love fanservice's scenes from episodes 308 and 309:

One word: chain. And hair. But those are two words. )

And if someone would like to make me a present for my birthday (31 January just like Byakuya xD) then here: I read a wonderful moment between Hichigo and Byakuya. It's sad and heartbreaking. Can I ask for a picture?
........ Or I just save money for commission/learn how to draw.
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In the peaceful joys of Christmas, in the stars that shine above,
In the wonder of the season, in the gift of God's great love...
May you find hope and promise that will fill this Christmas season with very special happiness for you!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow, another year here with you. guys. Thank you for being here and talking with me. It's a pleasure to know you all.

I hope you will have wonderful Christmas :)

Pictures )
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Beta: Anonymous
Warnings: character death (implied)
Summary: She doesn't regret anything.
Author's Note is at the end of the fic.

You froze in time )
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I don't even want to check when I posted my last post. Nope. And I'm not writing this one right now to have an excuse and not study for the exam at 6.12. Not at all.

Last few weeks were nice, I can't complain. I passed every exam (one of them with max amount of points), got a scholarship and made new friends. Unfortunately, in November I didn't have much time to write (I miss it!), but after 6.12 I'm going to finish at least two longer fics - it's a shame that I haven't posted anything longer than 2k for some time.

I slept almost through whole day yesterday, but I feel better now than I felt in last few days - I needed that sleep even if I had some weird dreams.

Who started buying gifts for Christmas? Me :) I have one for my mun and I'm going to go shopping on Monday to look for something for my siblings and cousins. I don't know what to buy them :/

What else, what else... Right. Thanks to Amarissia I know now about nice series on youtube - Takumi-kun series - and it's really hard to study and not watch those movies *sighs*

In this year, like in previous one, I'll write a story for FFVII Anthology. If you are interested go here: click.
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Title: Missing.
Beta: Anonymous.
Pairing: Zack/Cloud.
Raiting: G.
Words: 730
Disclaimer: Characters and places belong to Square Enix. I don't make any money.

Missing )
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Title: Paperwork
Beta: Anonymous
Pairing: Angeal/Zack + surprise :3
Raiting: G
Summary: Zack misses Angeal. And he isn't the only person who suffers...
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII and I don't make any money from this work.
A/N: Happy Birthday Amarissia!

Paperwork )
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I have a roommate! It's a girl from my year - unfortunately she's in another group and we don't have many lessons together. I talked with her only few minutes, because she was going somewhere with her family, and she seems nice :)

I arrived here with my mum, brother, aunt and uncle (he has a car). They couldn't stay too long, but they helped me with my bags. It's a good thing I bought everything in my hometown. The hostel and my IT faculty aren't in the centre of W. In fact they are at the other side of Vistula and - like it isn't enough - on a hummock with veeery steep pavement. Oh, well. The nearest shop is ~10-15 minutes from the hostel which is good. And I have beautiful view from the window! There are also balconies and we - me and my family - saw a cat, who was relaxing in the sun. It meowed at us and I with my aunt and brother made a loud "Aww" ;3 It's a pretty, 'homeless' cat - for a homeless cat it is quite fat so I think this cat belongs to all students living in the hostel ;D

I've just finished unpacking and now I'm going to wander about the building. Oh, there is one more thing: the IT faculty it's opposite the hostel and there is a short hall which is connecting both building.


Sep. 28th, 2012 09:52 pm
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I'm going to the hostel in W. tomorrow and my classes start on Monday (I have only one lesson; well, I'll have it in next week, the professor canceled it in this week).

I'm nervous, you know? It isn't like I've never left my hometown; I was in few cities far away from it, but I was always coming back after few days. Now? I won't be back till November.

There is also one problem: I don't know if I'll be sharing my room with someone or not. The landlord said "You'll see".

I'll see then :)

I'm on a first year of computer science and there are 52 boys and 7 girls. Not bad ;) I'm in a group C with two of them and in a group B with three of them.

Everything will be all right :)
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I had an IT professional exam in June and I've got its results today. I passed :3 I got a nice diploma and two certificates: in Polish and English.

I wasn't available in last few days, because I was on a trip to Szczecin. I have many photos of the city and I'll show you all of them! And I don't care if you want this or not *evil laugh*


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