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'Dear Author' letter

This is the letter for an anonymous writer on AO3 for Daiya Exchange.

Dear Author.

I'm so happy you're going to write me a fanfiction! I want to thank you for your hard work already ♥

If you have any problems with finding an inspiration, you can check my tags on tumblr where I reblog prompts and scenarios - believe me, I'll be happy with any of prompts from those tags you choose. Prompts are here and here. If you decide to write me a MiSawa story, you may want to check this one tag.

My favorite scenarios are crossovers with Pacific Rim, Marvel and Shingeki no Kyojin. And the most favorite, top #1, are fantasy AUs.

Of course, you can write about something completely different; that's fine too!

I'm not sure what else should I put here... Maybe things I like? I love slow burn and mutual pinning. Sweet romance. Bickering. I'm not opposed to BDSM, master/slave relationship, body difference, height difference, age difference; I like many kinks although I don't like water sports and bloodplay. I like knifeplay and bondage tho. Slutty characters are appreciated (bonus points for Sawamura who loves to bottom, but is still an adorable sunshine). If you want to write something more dark and angsty, then dub-con, non-con and even gangbang is fine with me too. Mind-fuck? Yes, please. I like darker fics ^^' On the other hand I don't like infidelity, bestiality, shota, necrophilia and incest.

For all of ships I listed, I like all parties to be considered equal, even if one of them doesn't think like that about himself eq. Eijun thinks Mei and Miyuki are too good for him.

I hope you will have fun writing a fic for me. I can't wait to read it ♥

PS. Avoid writing about Furuya and Ochiai if you can, please.